Indian Auto Exchange is a full scale automobile advertising platform which brings sellers and buyers of preowned (used) and new vehicles to facilitate a successful deal. The pricing policies are mere representation of our commitment to be the best in the market in terms of customer service and affordable pricing. Based on the product offering, our pricing details are:

As an introductory offer, we are waiving listing fee for a limited time !!!!

Individual Seller Listing/Advertising price


Car (4 wheel vehicle) Listing price

₹ 799
The car listing price is ₹ 799/- per car plus applicable taxes.

Bike (2 wheel vehicle) Listing price

₹ 499
The bike listing price is ₹ 499/- per bike plus applicable taxes.

What we offer

One car with upto 8 photos will be included in one listing. The listing will remain visible by users until 90 days from the day of listing or until the sale, whichever is earlier. The Indian Auto Exchange will email the potential buyers and sellers verified contact details upon inquiry by any potential buyer. The buyers and sellers can contact our customer support by email or by phone to resolve any technical issues. All our payment will be processed by India’s top secure payment gateway provider ccAvenue.

Dealer Listing and Portal pricing (for Cars and Bikes)

Indian Auto Exchange offer different levels of flexible packages tailored to suit the dealers need. The flexible packages include different levels of website advertisement and a customized dealer portal.